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Buddhism was created by humans

Posted by on Apr 12, 2014 in Buddhism |

When you find a spiritual tradition that you really connect with and that changes your life, you revere it. Especially when you’re told that it’s worthy of reverence and that it was started (or rediscovered) by a dude who was not only a teacher of humans but also a teacher of gods. We have suttas […]

Mindfulness isn’t trendy

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Buddhism | 5 Comments

I was listening to a podcast the other day. I quite enjoyed it. Except that one of the presenters said that mindfulness is ‘quite trendy now’. I had a little shudder at that, even though it’s sort of true. Mindfulness – endorsed by your favourite celebrity You hear that people are ‘into’ mindfulness. Even celebrities! […]

Paying off a huge debt

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Buddhism | 2 Comments

One of the metaphors used to describe the state of ‘jhana’ or absorption in meditation is that it’s like paying off a huge debt. The relief is incredible. Another way it’s described is that it’s like putting down a heavy load. While these metaphors are used to describe a particular level of meditative concentration, I […]

The authentic Buddhist life

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in Buddhism |

This is a cautionary tale. Last week I was at a conference where a Buddhist gave a workshop. All the words were the right ones, and they were in the right place. He listened to people ‘mindfully’ and even took his shoes off. Many of the participants liked his approach and learned something from what […]

What is the Dharma?

Posted by on Feb 2, 2014 in Buddhism |

The ‘Dharma’ or ‘Dhamma’ or sometimes ‘Buddhadhamma’ is what Buddhists usually say when they’re talking about Buddhism. Buddhism was a word developed by westerners – and non-Buddhist westerners at that. It’s not a very good word really. Firstly it suggests that Buddhism is an ideology (an ‘-ism’) which isn’t really the case. And secondly, it […]

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