The Meditator's HandbookThe Meditator’s Handbook gives you everything you need to set up and maintain an effective meditation practice:

  • 4 different meditation practices – that work together to give you a rounded practice
  • how to start and end a meditation session so it feeds into the rest of your day
  • the different kinds of distractions – and how to work with them
  • how to go deeper in meditation
  • how to stay safe in meditation
  • how to use the skills you learn in meditation in the rest of your life

It’s a whole course in meditation for $19.99.

Full list of contents


1. The foundations of meditation
1.1 Setting up your practice – free sample chapter
1.2 Meditation posture
1.3 Ending your meditation well
1.4 Ethical practice

2. Different types of meditation
2.1 Meditation on the breath
2.2 Loving-kindness (metta) meditation
2.3 Zen meditation – ‘just sitting’
2.4 Walking meditation

3. Techniques for effective practice
3.1 Establishing mindfulness – the 4 foundations
3.2 Balanced effort
3.3 Loving-kindness practice – tips and tricks
3.4 Mixing metta and mindfulness
3.5 Distraction in meditation – the 5 hindrances

4. Taking it deeper
4.1 Meditation and the body
4.2 Signs that you’re going deeper in meditation
4.3 Jhana factors: other things to look out for in meditation
4.4 Superconscious states in meditation
4.5 Tranquility and insight

5. Taking it wider
5.1 Taking mindfulness off the cushion
5.2 Meditation and innovation

6. Taking it forward
6.1 The dangers of meditation
6.2 Going beyond


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