The only thing you can rely on is change

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As I mentioned some time ago, my plan for this site is for it to be in perpetual beta. In a way this is just a way to acknowledge the inevitability of change.

All things are impermanent, said the Buddha. With the web, that truth is just as true and twice as fast.

If you’ve been coming here for a while you’ll have seen how it’s slowly developing. Not to any particular plan – just hopefully for the better.

I make changes as things occur to me.

There were a few things that have been bugging me for a while. So I hired a designer friend of mine to help me iron some of them out over the weekend. The site is a bit more beautiful than it was, without (I hope) any compromise with its clarity and simplicity.

Sharpen the saw

One of the changes I’ve decided on is to take a little more time to ‘sharpen the saw’ as Covey puts it. He uses this image to describe the process of taking regular time out to make sure you aren’t slowly grinding yourself down to nothing, but instead are making what you do more and more effective.

I’ve got so many ideas to develop the blog. To make them happen, I need more time.

So I’m going to post here three a week for a little while and see how that goes.

My guess is that most of you don’t read the post every day, so hopefully there’ll still be something new every time you fancy a read. And in the meantime I can do some guest posting for other blogs and develop the meditation course I want to deliver as an e-book.

The result of all this will hopefully be a more vibrant community around the blog, and an injection of cash for me so I can spend more time doing this stuff.

I’m bursting with ideas and I need to get them out into the world!


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