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As I mentioned in my post on life as perpetual beta, this blog is an ongoing experiment.

A couple of changes


One of the things I did fairly recently is turned off comments, as I was getting so much spam, and not much genuine interaction about the subject matter. I post five times a week, send out a newsletter once a fortnight, and keep up with goings on on Twitter, so I don’t have the time to moderate this properly.

Since then I’ve had quite a few emails from people asking questions, offering their thoughts on various things I’ve written, and generally taking an interest.

A common question has been ‘how do I leave a comment on your site?!’

Here’s my solution. I’m going to use my Facebook page as a place for discussion. It’s hard for people to leave spam comments there (I think) so we could have a place for discussion that doesn’t turn into a huge time suck for me.

2. Guest blogging

I’m starting to do some guest blogging on the Elephant Journal as a way to get my ideas out to new people. Hopefully some of them will want to check out this blog.

This means I’ll be posting four times a week here, and once a week there.

Again, this is an experiment – we’ll see how it goes – but I’m very excited about it right now. The Elephant Journal has a massive readership, has won all kinds of awards, and is a place for truly independent writing about stuff I’m into.

I’ll post links here and on Twitter and Facebook so you know where to go for your daily fix when that daily fix isn’t here.

Anyway, I just sent off my first contribution to Ele, and sent out my newsletter, which means I don’t have a post for you today. Aside from this one of course.

When things get up and running, I should be able to post once a week there and four times a week here and there’ll be no interruption of service. Until then, why not read something you missed, and I’ll be back with my usual down-to-earth dharma tomorrow.

Happy Monday!




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