A super-quick guide to making good decisions

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One of the mental habits we can get into, and one of the most difficult to spot, is doubt and indecision. Buddhism calls this one of the five ‘hindrances’.

I’m not talking about the legitimate hesitation while you consider an appropriate course of action. I’m talking about dithering, and the inability to get behind yourself and commit to doing or not doing something.

Anthony Robbins says that making decisions is something you have to get good at if you want a successful life. It’s the thing that moves your life forward. When you decide on one thing, and not another, you consciously push forward towards your dreams.

How to make good decisions

Making good decisions requires:

  • a certain amount of self-confidence
  • a certain amount of practice
  • a mind that is clear enough to see what the significant factors are

So here’s my super-quick guide to making good decisions!

  1. Practice making decisions. Decide to decide. In Ghost Dog (film about a hit man in the US who likes a book about how to be a samurai), it says ‘One should make a decision in seven breaths’. Or something like that. Not sure all decisions can be made in seven breaths. This isn’t a fillm. But you get the idea. Just make decisions. It’s the best way to get good at it.
  2. Get yourself some self confidence: Get yourself some nice clothes. Do some exercise. Be nice to yourself. Let yourself off for all the things you aren’t so good at yet. ┬áSit everyday for a week and wish yourself wellness, happiness and success. Be your own parent. Learn karate. Have a massage.
  3. Get a decent mind. Practice mindfulness meditation. It rocks. Cut out all the nonsense that fills your mind with nonsense. Just as the sensible person doesn’t eat junk food all the time, so a sensible person should not fill their senses with the inane rubbish that corporations would like you to fill your senses with. The senses are the gateways to the mind. Guard them. Choose what goes in.

I wrote this post in 16 minutes. It seems likely that it isn’t exhaustive :-)

So what else can we do to make good decisions quickly and often? What do you think?


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