Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

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How many blog posts start with that question???

There are a million blogs out there telling you what an amazing life you can have if only you can come up with a great business idea, quit your day job and become an entrepreneur.

With a little creativity, not only can you earn a million bucks (or is it a billion these days?) doing something you love, you can also do it elsewhere. It doesn’t matter where particularly, just as long as it’s not where you are right now.

Sip a cocktail of your choice in Puerto Rico, go dancing with camels in Egypt. Right now you could be learning how to do activity X in developing country Y for half the cost of living your current monotonous life. What are you waiting for? If you didn’t live here, you wouldn’t be home right now. Loser.

Admit it – you want freedom, escape, do-what-you-like-ness. You want financial success, fame (or at least notoriety), preferably with sparkling white teeth and a nice tan thrown in.

There are a whole host of people making large amounts of cash helping you dream this dream. “The grass is greener over here,” they shout. “Sign up to receive 10% off my course! If you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll give you your money back, PLUS a free squirrel!”

I know you’re looking for change, but is quitting your day job the answer?

I know I know. Something’s not quite right. Maybe even quite wrong. Something feels broken. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Where’s my tequila with friends in the swanky bar with the hot girls/guys?

But maybe you don’t need to change your life. Or rather, maybe that shouldn’t be your focus. Maybe you should change your mind instead? And then maybe any life change that springs from that will actually be right for you, rather than the same old shit with different wallpaper?

When it hurts our instinct is to act. Do stuff. Make massive change. Revolution. Sort it all out once and for all, with one superhuman push into the life we were meant to live.

The Zen practice of ‘just sitting’ doesn’t grab the headlines, does it. Not very sexy. Not too rock ‘n’ roll. But hey, give it a try. A different kind of revolution.

Maybe I will write a book called “The 35-Hour Workweek”. What do you think about that, Mr Ferris?

The real way to freedom lies in letting go of the need to be anywhere else, and to enjoy right now. That future life you’ve been imagining is only in your head! Don’t get me wrong, you may well end up with it, if you work at it and dwell in that magical manifesting law of attraction and so forth, but I bet you five bucks that it doesn’t feel much better than your current experience when you actually arrive there. The real trick is enjoying the journey, not focusing on the destination wholeheartedly.

We need to train our minds and hearts to dwell in paradise, or when we get there, it won’t be a paradise, it’ll just be us.

But how do you wake up and smell the coffee? There aren’t too many blogs around that talk about this. The art of living is subtler than ‘make a million bucks and go travelling’. So that’s what I’ll be exploring here. How to live your life so that it feels like you already arrived. So that you have already arrived.

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